Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine practice designed to help improve overall health by massaging the skin using gua sha tools.
This smooth heart-shaped stone helps relieve tension, reduce puffiness and promote circulation. Use morning and / or evening to improve overall skin health and appearance by stimulating collagen production, massaging tense muscles and promoting lymphatic drainage. Regular treatments make the skin smoother, firmer and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, facial gua sha activates the acupressure points along the 12 main meridians of your face.
The Likami Gua Sha Sculpting Tool is made of black obsidian, a natural crystal formed from rapidly cooling lava. Black obsidian has the power to remove negative energy and stress from our body. After all, stress can also cause premature aging, wrinkles, dark circles and acne on our face.
Use with facial essential serum and / or facial intensive hydrating cream to improve absorption and give gua sha sculpting tool a good glide. Each gua sha sculpting tool comes with a user manual that describes the different steps + 4 samples of facial serum and facial cream.
Each stone is unique and can show small variations. Fragile. Clean the gua sha stone with a damp cloth.

Gua Sha Sculpting Tool + 4 samples

SKU: TT/4308
  • Black obsidian gua sha stone
    2 x sample facial essential serum - andliti olíu travelsize- 4 ml
    2 x sample facial intensive hydrating cream - andliti krem travel size - 4 ml
    Visual user operation

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