Hot Stone Massage

About me

Life is constantly changing. What happens in our lives can change the way we live, the way we feel, the way we see things or what we want for ourselves. I think that's how the Healthy Minds story started. I worked for big companies for over 20 years and for a long time I felt that I could not get all I need out of my jobs, something was wrong, and I started to figure out what I really wanted to do. This search took several years, and I tried a career switch, among other things, but in the end, I felt like I was on the same insatiable path as before. Changes in our own lives are difficult to make because we have to row against the flow of our usual ways of acting and thinking.
With two little girls to take care of and an office job of at least 40 hours a week and commuting, I got burned out. It was the sign of my mind and body that I had to stop and restart. I absolutely had to know what I wanted to do, what my intuition and my soul were telling me. I began to get professional training as a massage therapist, something that I had always been interested in but never took the time to do. And there was a match. I have found something that makes me happy, that gives me energy. When I give a woman a massage, I feel that I am giving her the moment of rest she deserves. I can help her relax. Deep relaxation of the body has an impact on the mind: it will think clearer, it will feel better.
I believe that when our minds are in good health when we feel good about ourselves, our natural beauty shines. I also believe that we can make us feel better if we make good decisions about the treatments we want for our bodies, both inside and out. I have consciously chosen to only work with purely natural products. This is very important to me. The oils I use are pure natural mineral oils. The essential oils I work with are the best I have found in the market.
In the near future, I plan to also offer facial treatment and mineral makeup sessions.