Being touched in a nurturing, safe and warm way is one of the basic human needs. A good massage has a positive effect on health. In that sense, massage can be seen as complementary to the treatment of various complaints and to support the therapeutic process.


Pregnancy massage

Reduce the discomforts caused by changing your body during pregnancy

During your pregnancy, your body changes rapidly and you can suffer from discomfort. A pregnancy massage can reduce complaints. 


Deep Relaxation Massage

Relaxing, calming and harmonizing.

This massage is extremely relaxing, calming and harmonizing and is intended to reduce your stress level. During this treatment, endorphins are released in the brain and this creates a feeling of well-being

Swedish Massage

A light moment for stress relief

This massage is ideal for treating stress-related muscle pain or muscle pain resulting from incorrect posture and heavy exertion. The massage removes muscle knots and removes waste. Hardened muscles become flexible and mobility is promoted.


Aromatic Massage

In aromatherapy, massage is mainly used to accentuate the therapeutic effects. The oils can deepen the effect of massage.

A unique experience of a massage with essential oils tailored to your needs at that specific moment of your life

Slow Beauty Philosophy

At the heart of the Slow Beauty philosophy and practice is the idea that the biggest component of any beauty program should be wellness and self-care. To achieve this, we must each regularly find some time to slow down and connect with ourselves.


Slow Beauty is not about smokey eyes or quick fix - much better than that - it's a solution that will last over time and becomes an inextricable part of your life.


Slow Beauty is a philosophy, but how each individual practices it should feel different because we are all different and unique. Beauty is a way of life with countless compositions of varying sizes, shapes, forms, and colors. There are many universal tips and tricks that anyone can use, but it's also important that each of us find and practice our own Slow Beauty routine, accepting and celebrating the uniquely beautiful creature we are and those specific things in life that bring us joy and peace.
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I have consciously chosen to only work with pure natural products. This is very important to me. At Healthy Minds you can shop for the Belgian products Likami and Self. These are products that have only natural ingredients. For my skin care treatment I use Likami and Self and for the massage treatment I only work with pure natural oils that are suitable for every skin type, even the more sensitive, but also pregnant women.

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"To keep the body in good health is a duty ... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."